How a Nassau County DWI Lawyer May Help You Beat Your Charges

Driving while intoxicated. It’s one of the more common charges. Whether the individual is leaving a bar late at night or driving away from a bar, there are plenty of instances where law enforcement deem a police stop necessary.

However, individuals have rights while driving. If you are charged with a DWI, there are options to defending your rights. One thing that individuals should avoid, though, is going through the legal system without having a professional on their side.

So, how do you give yourself a chance at getting the results you need to avoid a DWI conviction? Hiring a Nassau County DWI attorney can help. These legal professionals have the knowledge necessary to determine the defenses available to you.

Keep reading to learn why you should consider hiring a lawyer and how one can help.

Understanding the Full Defense On Your Side

Lawyers give individuals a unique edge. Finding a defense in a DWI case is never easy so going through the legal system alone is never advisable. This is especially true when the prosecution is looking for anyway to get a guilty verdict against you.

Hiring a lawyer helps you understand which defenses are available to you and which work best for your situation. For instance, if you were charged with a DWI after being stopped without probable cause, this may be used in your favor.

Similarly, a lawyer understands the many issues that can arise regarding traffic stops, tests from blood and breath samples, and more. There are many different ways to defend a case when someone is charged with a DWI.

Ways to Help Your Case

During a DWI stop, it’s important to know what rights you have regarding search and seizure, requesting breathalyzer tests and field sobriety tests, and DWI checkpoints. Knowing what is required of you and what you don’t have to do is imperative.

In other situations, when someone performs these tests, the officer may place the driver under arrest. This doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. Hiring a lawyer means you still have a chance at getting the charges dismissed.

  • Breathalyzer test defense: If you’ve taken a breathalyzer and were arrested afterwards, the lawyer may challenge the validity of the test, including the calibration of the machine.
  • Qualifications of the officer: In some cases, the officer may not be qualified to administer a blood or breath test. This could make the test results inadmissible in court.
  • Procedure: Officers have to follow specific procedures when pulling someone over for a DWI. This includes having probable cause for the stop and following the regulations of administering the tests.

How Foley Griffin, LLP Can Help

With over 50 years of combined experience helping the criminally accused in Nassau County and a team with former prosecutors, we have a full understanding of DWI laws, how they work, and how they can be defended.

Our team recognizes how difficult a time this can be for anyone facing serious charges. As such, we go above and beyond to help find the right defense for our clients’ needs. A DWI conviction can impact a person’s entire life and it is our ultimate goal to help you get the charges either reduced drastically or dismissed altogether.

You can trust that when you hire us to represent you, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll work with one of our skilled lawyers at all times. Your case will never be passed off to an associate. You get the real deal every step of the way.

Our Nassau County DWI lawyers at Foley Griffin, LLP stand ready to defend you, so don’t plead guilty. We can help with fighting driver’s license suspension and the loss of your vehicle. Trust us to help you seek the positive results you need at this time.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DWI, don’t hesitate to speak with our team in a free consultation. Call us today at (888) 966-8480 to schedule yours.