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New York Attorney Tom Foley Speaks to Newsday About Leatrice Brewer Case

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Tom Foley, a New York attorney, appears in a Newsday article from August 22 regarding the Leatrice Brewer case, and his representation of Innocent Demesyeux, the father of two of Brewer’s late children.

Brewer is seeking a cut of Demesyeux’s settlements from the wrongful death ruling in the deaths of their two children, Innocent Demesyeux Jr. and Michael Demesyeux (see July 12th Newsday article on the case.) Brewer has confessed to killing the children, but was found “not guilty”, on account of mental disease.

“She killed her kids and I don’t think you have to be a lawyer to realize she should not get a portion or share of the wrongful-death settlement,” Foley said.

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