Motor Vehicle Seizures

Handling Motor Vehicle Seizures

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After a DWI arrest, you may unsure of what steps to take next. Your car will likely be seized and held by the county during your criminal trial. Our firm can step in and represent you in both your criminal DWI trial and the civil aspect of your case, negotiating to get your motor vehicle returned. As Nassau County DWI lawyers who are former prosecutors, our team understands the delicate nature of these matters. They work carefully with the county to offer favorable conditions in exchange for the return of your car. In cases where the county moves to hold on to your vehicle, you will have a retention hearing. While it is not required that you have representation during this hearing, we highly advise you to retain counsel.

You may not realize that anything you say in this hearing may be used against you in your criminal hearing. Even if you are able to argue for your motor vehicle back, you could set yourself up for a much more difficult criminal trial. That is why our firm is here to help you through this time. We can handle every aspect of your case, both criminal and civil.

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Understanding the Criminal & Civil Aspects of a DWI Case

Your DWI case will be split between civil and criminal aspects. When you are pulled over and arrested for DWI, your vehicle is typically seized. This is the civil aspect of your case. You will also have a criminal trial to determine if you will be convicted of DWI and face additional criminal penalties such as jail time, fees, and license suspension. By handling both aspects of your DWI case for you, our DWI attorneys make the process much simpler for you. We've been serving the local community for over 25 years and would be honored to help you during this time. We will first try to settle the vehicle forfeiture with the county by coming up with terms to agree upon.

These may include the following options in exchange for your vehicle:

  • Financial payments
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Combination of an IID and fees

As mentioned above, if the county refuses to settle, you will be entitled to a retention hearing, where our attorneys can represent you. Your case will be brought before a judge, who can decide whether or not your car should be returned or held throughout the course of your criminal case. Many people don't realize how much the hearing for the forfeiture has to do with their criminal case. How you are represented during this hearing can greatly impact your criminal trial.

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