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  • $2,400,000 Motorcycle Accident
    Recently our firm was able to negotiate a very favorable settlement of 2.4 million dollars for one of our clients. After years of extensive discovery, mediations and attempts at settlement, the insurance company, on the eve of trial, finally offered our client a fair settlement. The client had suffered very significant injuries in a motorcycle accident. After the accident the client endured years of surgeries, medical treatments and therapies. Despite the excellent medical care, the client was left with many residual problems. After depositions, we had argued that, as a matter of law, the defendants were 100% responsible for the accident. The Judge agreed and granted our request to find the defendants fully responsible for the accident. This was a significant victory because it meant that the main issue at trial would be limited to the amount of damages the client was entitled to. With the use of various experts hired by our firm, including an economist and life care planner, we were able to paint a picture that fully described the impact that this accident had on the life of our client. Our client was very physically active and adventurous before the accident. We were able to demonstrate this to the insurance company by photographs and videos previously take of the client. This settlement will allow the client to obtain all necessary medical treatment in the future.
  • Not Guilty NY College DWI Case — People V. B
    Our client was a 20 year old college student charged with DWI with a reading of .15. Mr. Griffin brought the case to trial and after a jury trial our client was found not guilty of all charges.
  • No Jail Sentence New York Mail And Wire Fraud Case — US V. N
    Our client was charged with Mail and Wire Fraud in the Eastern District of New York and was alleged to have participated in a multi million dollar fraud. Although the sentencing guideline range for our client was over 48 months, Mr. Griffin secured a downward departure and obtained a no jail sentence for our client.
  • $475,000 Sidewalk Premise Negligence
    Our client was injured on a City street in Brooklyn while walking home late at night. He suffered a broken ankle when he stepped into a hole created by a gap between the sidewalk and a detached portion of the curb. He underwent surgery to repair the damage. At the time of trial, our attorneys were able to prevent the City from calling an expert to contest the severity of our client’s injuries.
  • Dismissal NYC Vehicular Manslaughter Case
    Our client was charged with vehicular manslaughter by a Manhattan Grand Jury. Mr. Griffin secured a full dismissal of the vehicular manslaughter charges against our client.
  • Change in Policy Nassau County Grand Jury Case — People V.W
    In Nassau County for many years Grand Juries were convened by asking potential jurors to volunteer for Grand Jury duty. Mr. Griffin’s work eventually led to the end of volunteers serving on Nassau County Grand Juries which are now selected randomly.
  • Not Guilty New York City DWI Case — People V. B
    Our client was charged with DWI with a reading of .15. Mr. Griffin brought the case to trial and after a jury trial our client was found not guilty of DWI and found guilty of a non-criminal offense of driving while impaired.
  • $225,000 Car Race Injury Case In Suffolk County
    Our client was injured in a one car accident, when her boyfriend, while racing another Mustang, lost control and struck a tree. She was ejected from the vehicle and suffered a fractured vertebrae, head injury and knee injury requiring surgery. We took this case over from another attorney after he had the matter stricken from the Court’s trial calendar. At that time they had a minimal settlement offer from the insurance company. The case settled for $225,000 out an insurance policy of $250,000 after we corrected the mistakes of prior counsel.
  • $1,055,000 Student Car Accident In New York
    We represented the family of a student who was killed after she was ejected from the SUV she was driving. This accident happend on the Long Island Expressway in Suffolk County. According to eyewitnesses, the accident was caused when the young woman lost control of her SUV after she was cut-off by a Ferrari and Range Rover that were weaving in and out of traffic. Unfortunately, New York Law is limited in what a family can recover for the loss of a loved one who was not a parent or wage earner.
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