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Dangerous premises lead to slips, trips, and falls—which can lead to major personal injuries. Fortunately, there are premises liability laws that protect the rights of those injured in these types of accidents. Here at Foley Griffin, we are passionate about standing up for our clients’ rights. As true litigation attorneys, we provide serious litigation for serious cases.

Quick Facts About Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Here are some facts you should know about slip, trip, and fall accidents:

  • Fall fatalities are evenly divided between men and women
  • Falls are the leading cause for hospital emergency room visits, with over eight million visits every year
  • Fractures are the most dangerous results of falls
  • Slip and falls are the leading cause of missed work days
  • Slip and falls are the top reason for workers’ compensation claims
  • Slip and falls are the top cause of occupational injury for individuals aged 55 years and older
  • Half of all accidental home deaths are caused by falls
  • Falls account for 87% of fractures in people over 65, and are the second highest cause for spinal injury and brain injury
  • Falls are the reason for 40% of patients being admitted to nursing homes
  • More than 60% of nursing home residents fall every year

How Dangerous Conditions Put You at Risk

According to data published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over two million injuries caused by falls every year can be directly attributed to dangerous floors and flooring materials. Dangerous property conditions can put you at risk.

Other potentially dangerous conditions that can cause slip, trip, and fall accidents include:

  • Missing railings
  • Broken steps
  • Icy sidewalks
  • Wet floors

If you or a loved one was hurt in a slip and fall accident, call Foley Griffin at (888) 966-8480 to speak with a New York premises liability attorney in a free case review.

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