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Even if you are facing a first ever DWI charge, and you don’t fight back, you could be looking at driver’s license suspension, the loss of your car, and a year in jail. The reality is that plea bargains are virtually never offered anymore—you need a DWI lawyer who can fight and who can win your case so that you can avoid going through life with a permanent criminal record. At Foley Griffin, LLP, our DWI attorneys bring decades of experience and insight. We have the proven dedication and tenacity to help you.

  • At Foley Griffin, LLP our experienced DWI defense attorneys:
  • Are armed with insight as former prosecutors
  • Answer phones 24/7 and proactively communicate with clients
  • Handle every step of your defense, never passing you off to an underqualified associate

Whether you are an adult being charged as a repeat felony DWI offender or a college student being charged with underage DWI, our criminal defense lawyers have the resolve and insight to help you move forward with your rights and your future intact. From helping you fight driver’s license suspension and vehicle forfeiture to referring you to a DMV certified alcohol counselor and doing everything else possible to win your case, we know how to get our clients positive results.

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