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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in New York, your choice of lawyer will be one of the most important decisions you ever make. You urgently need a law firm that has the skill, dedication, and resources to fight for your rights, your liberty, and your future. At Foley Griffin, our criminal defense lawyers bring decades of experience and insight, and we have the track record of success to prove it. 

You can be confident choosing our defense attorneys:

  • We are former prosecutors who know law enforcement and the courts
  • A fully qualified attorney handles your case start to finish
  • We are accessible 24/7 and proactively communicative at every step

You will never be passed off to an inexperienced associate or paralegal. Our trial-tested criminal defense lawyers will be with you throughout your case to answer your questions, explain what lies ahead, and tenaciously advocate for your rights in court. From traffic violations and first-time misdemeanors to federal tax fraud and violent felony charges, we offer the serious, tough defense you deserve. 

Winning For Our Clients

Not Just Promises, But Real Results

We have a proven track record to back up our claims of success. Because we take every case extremely seriously, we prepare each one as if it's going to trial. We also employ whatever resources are necessary to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients. It's one thing to say you can achieve great results, but another thing to show that you have delivered them time and time again over many years. 

  • Case Won Nassau DWI “Wall Of Shame” Case — B V. Suozzi
  • Change in Policy Nassau County Grand Jury Case — People V.W
  • Dismissal NYC Vehicular Manslaughter Case
  • No Jail Sentence New York Mail And Wire Fraud Case — US V. N
  • Dismissal New York Felony Case
  • Dismissal NY Mortgage And Bank Fraud Case — US V. F
  • Not Guilty New York City DWI Case — People V. B
    • “Brian Griffin is a master in the courtroom! He got both of my charges dismissed.”

      - C.S.

      Meet Your Criminal Defense Attorney

      Our criminal defense team has over 50 years of collective criminal justice experience. Our attorneys are former prosecutors which not only gives them extensive courtroom experience, but unique insights into how the other side prosecutes. We use this knowledge to help give our clients the advantage they need. Our team is also committed to standing by our client's side from start to finish, and is will to explore all avenues in order to achieve the best possible outcome in their case, even if that means going to court.    

      Aggressive Representation for Serious Criminal Cases

      At Foley Griffin, our experienced lawyers have the skills and resources to handle a wide range of criminal cases, including:

      Tackling Federal Crimes

      Federal offenses are complex and nuanced, requiring the skill and knowledge of a dedicated attorney who knows the law. These crimes vary greatly, from professionals facing allegations of fraud or embezzlement to officials embroiled in corruption scandals, individuals charges with trafficking drugs, accountants facing tax issues, and more. These issues are investigated by federal agencies, such as the IRS, DEA, FBI, ICE, and others and complaints generally include allegations of fraud, serious drug crimes, computer-related crimes, hate crimes, and other violations of federal acts and laws.

      If you have been arrested and are facing prosecution from the Offices of the United States Attorney, our federal criminal defense lawyers at Foley Griffin will help protect your rights, future, and freedom. We know what it takes to stand in front of a grand jury and ensure your side of the story is heard. We are also diligent in our representation, tailoring our legal strategies to your unique circumstances, while always keeping the bigger picture in mind. 

      New York's Bail Reform Laws

      In April 2019, the State of New York passed legislation to eliminate cash bail and pretrial detention in most misdemeanor, nonviolent felony, and Class A drug felony cases. In addition, judges must consider a defendant's financial situation before setting bail in eligible cases and are encouraged to release defendants until the court date, unless they pose a serious flight risk. Police officers will now issue appearance tickets to those arrested for low-level offenses instead of jail time or expensive bail payments.

      While the new law may mean you may spend less time in jail, it is important that you retain a lawyer in order to adhere to your court dates and put yourself in the best possible position to face your charges. Our firm can stand by your side and help you understand the charges against you and your legal options.

      Proven Defense for Any Misdemeanor or Felony Charge

      At our Nassau County criminal defense firm, we have secured victory for our clients against a wide range of serious and complex criminal charges. You can learn more about our high-powered defense by visiting our practice area pages, or you can start directly discussing your case with us to see how we can craft the tailored legal strategy you need to combat your charges, avoid jail, and quickly move forward. Our qualified, veteran defenders are ready to work one-on-one with you to build a proactive, successful defense, armed with the insights of former prosecutors and a determination to win for our clients.

      Call (888) 966-8480 today to schedule your FREE defense consultation. We’re available to provide legal support 24/7.

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