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Premise Liability Cases in New York

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Premises liability cases are cases where a person has been injured on somebody else’s property. It could be a building. It could be a street. It could be a sidewalk, but the claim is based on the fact that there’s something that happened there or something that didn’t happen there that caused the person to be injured.

It’s very critical in handling a premises liability case to get photographs of the conditions immediately following the accident. Many times, the owner of the property will fix the condition which we would want them to do, but in order to prove the case we need photographs if possible.

A premise liability case could be called a slip and fall case, a trip and fall case, and those are cases generally where the owner of the property either clean up some condition such as spilled water or spilled coffee or, in the course of doing construction at a location, didn’t properly secure the construction site which led to somebody being injured.

We’ve handled cases where people have been injured due to icy conditions at a building or in a parking lot. We’ve handled cases at retail stores and under those circumstances, we’ve had clients that have been injured inside the building due to slip and fall condition where something happened in the aisle at the store and the store knew about it, but didn’t clean it up promptly.

Premises liability cases could include cases involving improper security.”

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