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Nassau DWI Defense Law Firm Foley Griffin Launch Video On Multiple DWI Charges

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Foley Griffin, a DWI defense law firm serving Nassau and Suffolk County, has recently launched a video explaining how being charged with multiple DWIs in a short time can affect a person’s criminal record, and have a life-long impact — and how they help their clients not face these charges alone.

The attorneys at Foley Griffin have extensive knowledge of DWI laws. They know that in the state of New York having a second DWI charge between 10 years of the first, can increase the severity of the charge, making it a felony — and punishable with up to 4 years of jail and high fines. This can have a huge impact on the accused person’s life.

The attorneys at Foley Griffin can use their experience to help. They have dealt with many DWI cases, and also know about the pitfalls of the “breathalyser test”. They will help you answers question such as — Was the BAC test administered properly? Were any of my rights violated? Will the charges affect my ability to get employment?

With offices in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Foley Griffin’s reach stretches throughout New York City, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn (including Garden City, Hempstead, Huntington, Long Beach, Melville, Mineola, Oyster Bay, and Riverhead). The lawyers at Foley Griffin, take pride in their extensive experience in the New York area. If a client is looking for a DWI defense attorney in New York, Foley Griffin will be ready and qualified to assist.

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