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Car Accident Law in New York

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“At our firm one of the types of cases that we handle very frequently are cases where people have been involved in a car accident. It’s a very common way that a person is injured. One of the things that we do in order to maximize our client’s recovery is to conduct a full and thorough investigation immediately after an accident happens. We have found over the years that the best thing that we can do is to investigate it as close to the accident as possible to make sure that we can accurately portray the conditions as they were on the day that the person was injured.

One of the person’s biggest fears when they’ve been involved in a car accident is the fear of the unknown. They don’t know if they’re going to get compensation for their lost wages. They don’t know if they’re going to get better from their injuries. They don’t know who’s going to provide for them or their families in the event that they’re incapacitated from this accident. What we do is we try to answer as best we can all of their questions and give them a realistic outlook as to the outcome of their case and the time frame when their case may resolve.

We get involved right from the beginning, immediately after the accident happens. We help the people with their property damage claim. We help with their claim getting lost wages. We help with obtaining proper medical treatment if needed. We handle a lot of different concerns that a client has that arise after an accident.

We have seen many car accidents on Long Island that occur on the Long Island Expressway, on the Southern State Parkway, on the Northern State Parkway. There is significant traffic on these roads, which leads to a lot of rear end collisions and sideswipe collisions.

It’s important to have knowledge as to the roads where the accident happened because it allows us to ask questions of defendants and witnesses based on our specific knowledge of those roads. We are able to ask the right questions regarding points of view and vantage points.

The types of injuries that we’ve seen from car accident cases range from very significant injuries involving death or very significant injuries where a person has been unable to walk following an accident. We’ve also handled cases involving fractures.

If a client has been injured in a car accident or any type of accident and is unable to travel due to their injuries, one of the services that we provide to our clients is the fact that we will come to you at your home or a location near your home.”

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