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Why You Should Hire a Trial Attorney

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A person injured due to the negligence of another should consider retaining an experienced trial attorney to represent him/her in the possible claim. First, there is no downside to hiring an attorney to represent the injured party. Personal injury attorneys are paid on a contingency basis. This means that the attorney is only paid if there is a recovery.

Second, the attorney who is hired should have experience litigating cases in the courtroom. Insurance companies are aware of law firms that try cases and those who don’t. Once a jury is selected, the insurance company will have a pretty good idea if the attorney will fold and take whatever offer is available, or litigate to verdict. At Foley Griffin, we spend many hours in the courtroom litigating cases on behalf of our clients. This benefits the actual client, as well as prospective clients in the future. The insurance companies know our firm and know that we are willing to see a case through litigation.

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