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Why Does It Take So Long To Get Paid After An Accident?

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One to the biggest complaint clients have after a car accident is getting paid lost wages by their own insurance company. Why is that and what can be done? First, you must file a written application for no-fault benefits immediately after an accident. This form, known as and NF-2, starts the ball rolling.

There is a section of the NF-2 where the injured person lists his/her employer and whether or not there is a claim for lost earnings. This puts the insurance company on formal notice that you will be seeking compensation for lost wages under the terms of your policy.

After the insurance company gets the NF-2, they also require proof of employment, usually pay stubs, as well as employer verification of employment. That is where the log-jam begins. Most people are paid electronically, so it takes a bit of work to get sufficient proof of employment.

But more significantly, the claim is usually held up by the delay in getting the employer to respond to request for proof. A particularly non-responsive employer can hold up payment for weeks or months. Other than calling the employer regularly, there is not much that can be done. This can create a particularly desperate situation for people with limited savings.

Because of this, we make the application process for lost wages our top priority. Once the insurance company starts paying lost wages, the next surprise is usually the amount of money actually received. Most people have policies that only pay $2000 per month. It is difficult to imagine surviving on $2000 per month living on Long Island. A good piece of advise is to contact your insurance company and purchase additional coverage. For a relatively small amount of money, you can purchase coverage that will pay you up to $4000 per month in lost wages. You will really appreciate this additional coverage if you are involved in a car accident in Nassau County.

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