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Business of Law Practice Series

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Partner, Tom Foley, has continued his continuing legal education series at the Nassau County Bar Association, entitled, The Business of Law. The purpose of this ongoing seminar is for Tom to assist in education fellow attorneys in the management of their law firms’. In his position as Assistant Dean at the Nassau Academy of Law, Tom is in a unique position to assist his colleagues in the proper functioning of a law firm. Tom and his partner, Brian Griffin, have been managing their law firm for close to 20 years. Over the years, Tom and Brian, have through the process of trial and error, developed a system to efficiently manage a law firm. The classes at the Bar Association is the firm’s opportunity to give back to the legal community without the expectation of compensation. The programs are open to members of the Bar Association and the public. The next program will be given on March 3. The title of the program is “Business Plans for Attorneys.”
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