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Siri Shortcut Can Quietly Record Encounters with Law Enforcement

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In many criminal cases, it all boils down to the testimony of police officers and ordinary citizens in a court of law. Although body cameras are required by many departments, releasing the footage to the public frequently takes a lot of time.

In the event you are pulled over, an iOS 12 Shortcut add-on called Police—created by Arizona Redditor Robert Petersen—uses Siri to record encounters with law enforcement. Although Petersen believes the majority of iPhone users won’t have to use this feature, it may come in handy if they ever experience a traffic stop.

All you have to say is “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over,” to allow Apple’s virtual assistant to enable Do Not Disturb mode, dim your screen, pause your music, and mute any notifications from being sent to your phone to reduce distractions—enabling you to solely focus on interacting with the officer. Your phone then begins to record from the face camera and a text describing your current location will be sent to an emergency contact. Once you are finished record, simply press “Keep” and a copy of the video will be sent to designated contacts.

If you are not an iPhone user, the following are other apps you can use to record police traffic stops:

  • ACLU Blue – Created by the American Civil Liberties Union in 2017, this app can record police and share the footage in a public forum.
  • I’m Getting Arrested! – With only one click, users can broadcast a personalized alert message as soon as they are arrested.

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