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5 Common Fall Driving Dangers

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The arrival of autumn brings colder weather, crisper air, color changes to leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes. However, fall is also associated with a variety of driving hazards that can result in car accidents and injuries.

The five most common dangers of the fall season include:

  1. School traffic – Now that the children are going back to school, this means increased traffic on weekday mornings and afternoons. Not only are there more buses and cars on the road, but more children will be either biking or walking the streets. Keep an eye out for buses coming to stops and children walking to and from the bus stop, as well as kids crossing the street. Also, it’s important to know the law. If you are driving on a two-way road, everyone knows that you must stop behind a bus heading in your direction of travel. What many motorists forget is that you must also stop if heading in the opposite direction. Most drivers forget this rule on multi-lane roads.
  2. Rain – Since dust and oil have been collected on the roads throughout the summer, rain can make them extremely slick. Drivers may experience a higher chance of hydroplaning, which can result in steering difficulties. Whenever it rains, do not follow vehicles ahead too closely and give yourself plenty of space to react to sudden traffic changes.
  3. Fallen leaves – While it is a beautiful sight watching the color of the leaves changing from shades of green to hues of red, orange and yellow, they start to litter the road. After the rain, leaves can make the roads slippery and also cover the traffic lines. When you encounter a road covered in leaves, drive slowly and make sure you stay in your lane.
  4. Fog – Especially on cold mornings, fog can hinder your vision and perception of distance, making driving more difficult. Avoid automatically switching on your high beams. Instead, use your low beams or fog lights.
  5. Sun glare – When the season changes, the sun’s rays may shine in places it never used to before. When hit by a sun glare, it can cause temporary blindness for a few moments, which can result in collisions. Always wear sunglasses when sun glare is evident and ensure your windshield is clean.

Additionally, it is also wise to keep your car in tip-top shape. Make sure the tires are in good condition to drive through the rain, your windshield wipers can effectively keep your field of vision clear, and your car undergoes maintenance to avoid a malfunction.

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