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When Is the Best Time to Settle my Case?

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Battling the insurance company after an accident can feel like a battle, especially when you’re doing it by yourself. While this may make you want to settle sooner rather than later, it’s important to remember that there are dangers in settling too early.


Insurance companies will oftentimes do anything they can to make people settle for less than they deserve. They may try to draw out the settlement process so that injury victims, already in a vulnerable state, are more willing to accept low-ball settlement offers.


Don’t let their tactics make you settle for less than you what you deserve and need to heal. Here are some factors that can help you determine when is the best time to settle your personal injury case.

Factors that May Impact the Length of a Case

No two personal injury cases are exactly the same, just like no two accidents are exactly the same, either. This means that there is no “black and white” answer for how long a personal injury case will take to finally settle.


In our experience, however, there are certain factors that may impact how long your injury claim can take to settle, including:

  • Arguments over facts of the accident or injury

  • The steps you took following the car accident

  • Whether coverage applies for your accident

  • Whether large amounts of money are involved

  • The extent of your medical treatment

Calculating Full Damage Amounts

Before you settle, you need to make sure that the insurance company is offering you full compensation for your injuries and total damages. This will ensure that you obtain the compensation that you need properly heal. Your personal injury attorney will review all the evidence of your case to determine your full damages for:

  • Medical bills

  • Ongoing and future medical treatment

  • Lost wages

  • Lost earning capacity

  • Emotional trauma

  • Pain and suffering

  • Diminished quality of life

  • Wrongful death


At Foley Griffin, our personal injury attorneys understand that the injury claims process can seem daunting. We want you to know that you are absolutely not alone during this time. If the insurance company does not offer you full damage award amounts, we are prepared to fight for your full financial recovery in and out of court.


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