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Are BAC Calculators Always Accurate?

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A blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator is the tool used to determine how much alcohol a person has consumed. The data extracted from the BAC calculator is often used to prove whether or not a person has been driving while impaired (DWI). While these tests are a standard police tool, there are questions regarding their accuracy.


If you have been stopped for DWI and question the results of the BAC test you submitted to, you should contact Nassau County criminal defense attorneys immediately. They can help challenge the results of a BAC test and possibly get the charges mitigated or dropped.

What Is The Breathalyzer?


The breath analysis will take a sample of the person's breath to determine the concentration of alcohol. In most cases, the individual will be required to blow into the device. In most states, you are considered legally intoxicated if the reading is above 0.08.


While breathalyzers are often accurate, there are times when certain factors may alter the readings. Additionally, there are times when the officer may administer the device in a way that can also give faulty results. It is important to understand that a 0.08 reading doesn't necessarily mean you are legally drunk.

Factors That Can Alter BAC Levels


Nassau County DUI attorneys can challenge the results of a BAC based on a number of factors. The following can alter the test results:

  • Medication - Medications can cause alcohol to be absorbed at different rates. This can alter the effect on certain individuals.

  • Time - This can cause a miscalculation. The assumption is a person is drinking on drink per hour. If you drink faster or slower, it can affect the outcome. In addition, if you just consumed an alcoholic beverage, there may be a significant amount of alcohol in your mouth that gives the BAC an overly-high reading.

  • Serving Size - The BAC is calibrated for set servings in regards to wine, shots, and beer. Drinks that are stronger or larger can produce a miscalculation.

  • Food - Eating while consuming alcohol can slow the absorption into the bloodstream. Since food consumption is not factored in, your BAC could be lower than believed.

How Can A Defense Attorney Help You?


The experienced Nassau County criminal defense attorneys at Foley Griffen, LLP can help you in your time of need. These attorneys have a solid track record when it comes to BAC defense. They have the experience to challenge the BAC on several grounds.


A number of factors can play a role in a faulty DWI arrest. Never attempt to try your case alone. Let the experienced Nassau County DWI attorneys at Foley Griffen, LLP plead your case. They understand how the prosecution thinks. The will vigorously defend your rights to ensure you get the justice you deserve.


Call the professionals at Foley Griffin for aggressive representation.

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