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Avoid Negligence Claims With Property Maintenance

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Regular Property Maintenance Can Avoid Negligence Claims

With the warmer weather, more people are likely to be out and about in your neighborhood and you might be more inclined to perform property maintenance because you want your home to look nice. Another thing to consider is with the increase in foot traffic near your property comes the greater chance of people getting hurt and property maintenance could avoid possible negligence claims. Here is a list of what you can do to protect your property (and your financial well-being) from a possible lawsuit.

Four Areas Of Focus For Property Maintenance

  • Sidewalks. Examine and repair, if necessary, your sidewalk. The most likely location of a trip and fall accident on your property is the sidewalk in front of your house. Most local governments have laws that require homeowners to keep the sidewalk in safe condition. In addition, some governments pass on sidewalk accident liability to the adjoining property owner. Therefore, if you live in certain towns on Long Island, and someone is injured on a defective sidewalk on in front of your home, you face the risk of a lawsuit. Repairs to sidewalks can be costly, but ultimately it will be worth it.
  • Drainage. Summertime is the season to check the drainage on your property. Start high up on your house. What is the status of your gutters? You will be thankful that you repaired a faulty gutter in the summer, rather than waiting for the middle of a winter nor’easter! Next, check where the water pools on your property during a rainstorm. Although stepping in a puddle doesn’t usually lead to a claim of negligent property ownership, allowing ice to develop on your property on a recurring basis can. Therefore, if you can do simple fixes such as altering the pitch of your property to avoid pooling of water, and thus icy patches in the winter, you will have shown yourself to be a conscientious property owner! Click the following link for more information on water drainange on your property.
  • Tree branches. Keeping an eye on the trees located on your property is an important role of the homeowner. Branches that are low and extend over the sidewalk could be a violation of your local town’s laws, as well as a liability hazard. Check your trees and prune where necessary. Don’t forget about the branches higher up. While it’s not that likely falling branches will injure people, damage to property by a falling branch is. Have a qualified tree expert handle the higher up branches.
  • Photos. Once a year walk around your property and take pictures of its condition. You may never need the pictures other than to see how your plants grow over the years. However, having this documented history of your property may come in handy if there is ever a claim against you regarding its condition. It would be great piece of evidence to produce a catalog of photos that document your history and the good care you provide to the maintenance of the property.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a property negligence claim, our attorneys at Foley Griffin are here to help. We are highly experienced with these sorts of cases because we have helped many other people, just like you. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm with your case right away.

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