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FAQs About Being Charged with DWI as a College Student

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DWI Penalties in Nassau County

In Nassau County, the penalties for getting convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) are quite severe. For a first-time DWI conviction, you may face a $1,000 fine, have your driving license revoked for six (6) months, and be mandated to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in your vehicle.

The charges escalate with subsequent convictions. A second DWI conviction might lead to time in jail, a $5,000 fine, a year-long license suspension, along with a mandatory IID. A third DWI conviction is even more severe, carrying the possibility of longer jail time, a $10,000 fine, six (6) years of license suspension, and a mandatory IID.

Be aware that these are serious consequences and can significantly impact your college life as well as future career prospects.

Consequences of Underage DWI in Nassau County

Another important factor to consider when looking at the penalties a college student may face with a DWI conviction is their age when they are charged. If they are under the legal drinking age (21), they will be charged with an underage DWI.

In Nassau County, the consequences of a DWI charge can be severe, particularly for underage drivers.

If an underage driver is found to have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) between .02 - .07, they may face a 6-month license suspension, a $125 civil fine, and a $100 suspension termination fee.

If the same driver commits a second offense with a BAC within the same range, the penalties increase to a license revocation for one (1) year (or until the driver turns 21), a $125 civil penalty, and a $100 license re-application fee.

In instances where an underage driver is charged with a DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired), they could be put behind bars for up to 15 days, fined between $300 - $500, and have their license revoked for a year. A DWI charge brings even harsher penalties, potentially leading to a year in jail, fines between $500 - $1,000, mandatory alcohol evaluation, and a 1-year license revocation.

Additionally, underage drivers who refuse to take a chemical test could face a $500 civil fine and a 1-year license revocation.

Impact of a DWI on Your College Career

The repercussions of a DWI charge can extend beyond the legal realm, influencing numerous facets of your college life. Many colleges and universities have strict policies in place for students charged with serious offenses like DWI. Furthermore, for many colleges and universities, it does not matter whether you were charged in the state where your college is located or elsewhere.

Disciplinary Action

Upon a DWI charge, your college or university may impose disciplinary action, which can range from probation to expulsion. The severity of the action often depends on the specifics of the incident and the policies of the institution. This disciplinary record can affect your ability to transfer to another school or to seek post-graduate opportunities.

Extracurricular Activities & Athletics

A DWI charge may impact your participation in extracurricular activities and sports. Many colleges have conduct codes for athletes and club members, and a DWI charge could result in suspension or expulsion from these activities.

Study Abroad Programs

Yes, your dream to study abroad might also be affected by a DWI charge or conviction. It may even disqualify you from applying for the program and/or cause your acceptance to a study abroad program to be rescinded. A DWI conviction, especially one that leads to jail time, can make it challenging to secure travel visas. Remember, most countries have strict policies against admitting individuals with criminal records.

Navigating a DWI Charge: The Role of Legal Counsel

In short, a DWI charge can create significant hurdles in your college career. It is crucial to understand these potential consequences and to seek appropriate legal guidance if you find yourself in this predicament. The moment you are charged, it's essential to reach out to an experienced legal counsel who specializes in DWI cases.

An experienced attorney like ours at Foley Griffin can provide invaluable advice tailored to your unique situation, helping you understand the legal process, your rights, and potential defenses. They can guide you through court proceedings, advocate on your behalf, and aim to minimize penalties and any potential impact on your college career.

Remember, time is of the essence in a DWI case, especially for college students. The sooner you engage a lawyer, the more options you may have regarding your defense. Don't let a DWI charge derail your future—act promptly and secure competent legal counsel to protect your interests and your educational pursuits.

If you or your child has been charged with a DWI in Nassau County, don't hesitate to reach out to Foley Griffin for help.

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