Nassau County Criminal Defense Law Firm Foley Griffin Launches Video On Prescription Drug Defense

Foley Griffin, a criminal defense law firm in New York, launched a video about prescription drug defense.

Prescribing medicines is a very important job, and one that should be taken seriously, and done with care. When a physician prescribes too much of a legal drug, this is known as a “pill mill.”

If you have been the victim of a pill mill, or been involved any any case dealing with prescription drugs, the attorneys at Foley Griffin can help. They are a criminal defense law firm that has extensive experience with criminal defense.

With offices in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Foley Griffin’s reach stretches throughout New York City, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn (including Garden City, Hempstead, Huntington, Long Beach, Melville, Mineola, Oyster Bay, and Riverhead). The lawyers at Foley Griffin, take pride in their extensive experience in the New York area. If a client is looking for a criminal defense attorney in Nassau and Suffolk County, Foley Griffin will be ready and qualified to assist.

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