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Is it Possible to Avoid a Conviction in Federal Court?
Is it Possible to Avoid a Conviction in Federal Court?

Federal criminal charges are always very serious legal matters for those who are accused, and prosecutors at the federal level are also very serious about making them stick. When criminal activity is happening completely within state boundaries, the state courts typically ...

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  • What to Do During a Traffic Stop

    Even the most innocent, law-abiding citizen tends to feel a rush of dread or panic upon seeing a police car in their rearview mirror. In the best-case ...

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  • New York’s Money Laundering Laws

    Have you recently been accused of money laundering in the state of New York? It’s important to understand, first and foremost, what money laundering ...

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  • Penalties for Federal Crimes: What You Need to Know

    Many individuals who are accused of certain crimes are unaware of the fact that their charge could be pursued in federal court. Contrary to popular ...

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  • What To Know About Federal Plea Bargains

    In our experience, most federal cases don’t reach trial and verdict stages. This is meant to help the courts cut their litigation costs, reduce the ...

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  • What Makes a Drug Crime a Federal Crime?

    Law enforcement is cracking down on drug crimes across the country. Many times, those arrested for drug crimes wonder how they will be charged, what ...

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  • What Are Kickbacks?

    A kickback is a method of bribery that is negotiated prior to engaging in services. After the services are completed, the kickback (i.e., the bribe) ...

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  • Understanding Healthcare Fraud

    Healthcare fraud is actually very common and is normally conducted on a very large scale. According to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and ...

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  • Open Container Laws in New York

    New York police officers are serious about all alcohol-related driving offenses. They will typically conduct field sobriety tests when they have any ...

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  • Will My Criminal Case Be Held in State or Federal Court?

    If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, you may be wondering if your case will be prosecuted in federal or state court. While most crimes ...

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