Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Defense in New York

“Medicare or Medicaid fraud is either the improper billing for services that you rendered or the billing for services that were not rendered. For doctors and professionals, it must be very important that they properly bill for the services they’ve given and they always bill for only the services they’ve given. Your insurance company’s there to defend if you’re sued civilly, but that’s why you need to get an attorney. You need someone who is looking out for your best interests and looking to represent you and only you in connection with any allegations.

One of the things that we’ve seen is a rise in these types of federal indictments in Medicaid and Medicare fraud cases is because the government is hurting like everybody else. When the economy goes down and when the budget deficits are there, the government is going to do what they can do, recoup any money in any way they can. That oftentimes means indicting and charging people and looking for forfeiture and restitution.”

Turn to our experienced Nassau County criminal defense attorneys if you've been accused of any type of fraud or white collar crime.

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