Bus Accidents/Public Transportation Accidents in New York

“I believe that the main cause of the bus accidents are lack of training of the bus drivers and unrealistic expectations on those bus drivers. What I mean by that is that we’ve seen that the bus drivers themselves aren’t properly trained in how to drive the buses and told that they have to meet a certain deadline or certain schedule, and because of that they speed, which leads to reckless behavior and significant accidents. If a driver has not been properly trained and is inexperienced and the owner of that company allows that driver to operate a vehicle, the company could be found liable.

People that are involved in bus accidents where there hasn’t been a collision between the bus and another vehicle or another object, potentially have a claim if it can be shown that the injury they suffered was in some part due to the negligence of the driver of that bus. When an accident happens, they could be thrown about the bus or the subway car, which could lead to very significant injuries. If you’ve been injured on a city bus or in the subway, your claim would be against the city of New York, and under those circumstances, you would have to file a notice of claim with the city within 90 days of the occurrence of the accident.”

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