Car Accidents on Major Nassau County Highways

“We have seen many car accidents on Nassau County that occur on the Long Island Expressway, on the Southern State Parkway, on the Northern State Parkway. These are major thoroughfares, and during rush hour and during many times during the day there is significant traffic on these roads, which leads to a lot of rear end collisions and sideswipe collisions. In the city the roads are very congested. We’ve seen a lot of accidents on the BQE. We’ve seen a lot of accidents on the Vanwick Expressway, and we’ve seen a lot of accidents in and around Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

It’s important to have knowledge as to the roads where the accident happened because it allows us to ask questions of defendants and witnesses based on our specific knowledge of those roads. We’re able to ask the right questions regarding points of view and vantage points.”

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