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Is It Important to Have an Experienced Attorney In a DUI Case?

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“It’s important for a couple of reasons to have an attorney in a DWI case. First of all, you want to make sure that the evidence against you is indeed valid evidence. If the closing of the crime lab has taught us anything, it has certainly taught us to not take evidence at face value. You want an attorney that is thoroughly familiar with that type of evidence, and has the ability to question it and determine if it’s acceptable from the first instance.

The second reason you’d want an attorney is if you do decide if the evidence is such that it’s acceptable, and you want to move forward in terms of a negotiation, you need an attorney who knows how to plea bargain. That’s been there before. That’s gotten some of the best dispositions that this county or any other county has to offer. You want someone that can question the evidence, who can try that case for you when that’s necessary, and just as importantly, who can negotiate that case for you when that’s necessary.”

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