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What Is the "Adolescent Diversion Part" Program?

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Recently, in Nassau County, Foley Griffin was able to set up an “Adolescent Diversion Part” program for teens aged 16-17 who have been charged in an adult criminal court. If the case is accepted into the program, it will be dismissed or reduced to the point where there is no record. With 50 years of combined legal experience and offices in both Nassau and Suffolk County, Foley Griffin is ready to accept your case. For a free consultation, call 1-800-991-2773.

“In Nassau County, recently we’ve put into place an Adolescent Diversion Part. This part is for young juveniles between the age of 16, 17 years old, who are unfortunately charged in adult criminal court. This is a program in which if accepted into and correctly done the case will ultimately be dismissed or reduced to a point where there’s no record.”

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