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Slip & Fall Due To Ice

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Now that we are in the middle of the winter season, we are getting many calls from people injured due to slip and falls due to icy conditions. If a person slips and falls to the ground due to an icy condition, serious injuries can result. Therefore, it is very important to promptly and thoroughly investigate these cases immediately. First, pictures should be taken of the accident scene, if possible. Pictures taken shortly after a fall can prove invaluable down the road. Secondly, the names and phone numbers should be gathered if possible. Even if a person came on the scene after a fall he/she can often provide valuable information. It should be noted that if a person falls during the course of a storm, a claim of negligence against the property owner will generally not be successful. This is because the law does not require property owners to go outside and make sure the property is safe during bad weather. However, within a reasonable time after the storm stops, property owners are expected to make their property safe. There are many issues that need to be explored in connection with a slip and fall due to ice. If you have any specific question on this, or any other accident related matter, please contact a Nassau Count personal injury attorney at Foley Griffin.
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