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The Importance of Media in Criminal Defense Cases

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Nassau County Criminal Defense Attorney Brian J. Griffin explains why ignoring the media’s message about a client is a mistake. Foley Griffin focuses on doing what is right for the client, and it is extremely difficult to ensure that the media’s message will help rather than hurt the client’s chances in a case. However, Foley Griffin is prepared to do all they can to help keep public opinion about the client positive.

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“It’s difficult because it’s got to be what’s right for the client and often time it’s very easy to get into the media, but it’s not very easy to ensure that the message that the media is putting out is the right one for your client.

It’s a challenge and you’ve got to be willing to confront it had on. I think to put your head in the sand and ignore the media that’s reporting about your client negatively, is a mistake, so you’re not just dealing with the challenges of the courtroom; you’re dealing with the challenges of public opinion. Difficult and different challenges.”

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