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Fourth of July Safety Tips

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Not only is the Fourth of July the day Americans commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, but also one of the country’s favorite holidays. Each year, we celebrate the birth of our nation with an ample amount of food, parades, fireworks, as well as red, white, and blue.

However, an increasing number of accidents and injuries occur during the holiday. Although it is perfectly fine to let loose and enjoy the day off, you should remember to apply several safety practices to prevent a potentially serious injury.

The following are some helpful tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe this Fourth of July:

  • BBQ Grill Safety – What would an Independence Day celebration be without a barbeque? Remember, never leave a lit grill unattended since it is a considered a fire hazard. Always be careful handling charcoal grills and propane. Never grill indoors. Keep children, pets, and flammable materials away from the grill.
  • Fireworks Safety – Fireworks are a favorite pastime to celebrate the Fourth of July. While many people may choose to watch a professional fireworks display, many others want to light off their own. Do not let your kids to handle fireworks alone and never leave them unsupervised near fireworks. Make sure you have a bucket of water ready to put out any “dud” explosives and to douse any potential burn injuries. Light only one firework at a time. Never try to reignite a dud. Do not throw or point fireworks toward people, animals, vehicles, buildings, or flammable items.
  • Driving Safety – Hundreds of people suffer injury every year during the holiday due to drunk driving. Please, do not drink and drive. Instead, find alternative modes of transportation if you plan on consuming alcohol. If you drive, watch out for drunk drivers. Wear your seat belts and observe the speed limits. Pay full attention to the road and avoid using or cellphone.
  • Beach Safety – If you plan on spending time at the beach, remain diligent about the local weather conditions. Do not enter the ocean alone and always swim with a friend. Do not swim when intoxicated. Have young children and inexperienced swimmers wear life vests when entering the water. Keep an eye out for marine life and leave plants and animals alone.

If you have been injured on the Fourth of July in Nassau County, contact Foley Griffin today.

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