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How Does a DWI Impact My Life?

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When someone is arrested for a DWI, the initial shock can cause anxiety and stress. They often think about the initial repercussions such as time spent in jail, fines, and any other immediate punishments they may encounter.

While these are valid concerns to have, they’re not the only thing that convicted individuals should be concerned about, especially if they rely on driving for a majority of the things they do. There are long-term impacts that a DWI can have on someone.

Driver’s License Suspension

Many people rely on their ability to drive to help get things done during the day. When they are convicted of a DWI, there’s a possibility the driver’s license may be suspended, making these daily tasks much more difficult.

Impact On Employment

If someone has a driving job or is applying for a job in which they have to drive, it can be jeopardized by the fact the individual was convicted of a DWI. Most driving jobs search for a clean driving record to ensure they’re protected.

Insurance Costs

We already know that the cost of auto insurance goes above what we want to pay. Because a DWI makes the driver a liability, the insurance company will most likely increase the premium, forcing the convicted individual to pay more to be covered.

Ignition Interlock Device

In some cases, an ignition interlock device may be attached to the convicted individual’s car. This prevents the person from driving without blowing cleanly into a breathalyzer. You’re unable to drive if the breathalyzer detects alcohol. Also, the cost of the IID—initial and ongoing calibration—is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

At Foley Griffin, it is our passion to defend the rights of individuals who have been wrongfully accused. This is a difficult time in many people’s lives, and having the representation of a skilled Nassau County DWI defense lawyer can help make a difference.

Don’t let a DWI impact your entire life. Don’t plead guilty. Get the help you need to seek the most favorable results possible.

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