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What Makes a Drug Crime a Federal Crime?

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Law enforcement is cracking down on drug crimes across the country. Many times, those arrested for drug crimes wonder how they will be charged, what their punishments will be, and what this means for their futures.


When it comes to being charged with a drug crime, an individual will either be prosecuted on a state or federal level. Sometimes, if the person who committed the crime broke laws both at a state and a federal level, they will be prosecuted in both courts.

State Crimes Versus Federal Crimes

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining how a drug crime will be charged.


Jurisdiction: If someone commits a drug crime in a specific state’s geographic location, the crime will typically be charged on a state level. It will be charged on a federal level if the illegal activity took place either crossing state lines or on federal land.


State vs. Federal Employees: In some instances, drug arrests will involve the work of both state and federal law enforcement officers. Even if a drug arrest occurred within a state, state and federal prosecutors may decide together to move the charge to federal court.


Seriousness of the Offense: Federal crimes are generally considered more severe offenses than state crimes. Something like drug possession may be kept on a state level, whereas offenses like drug trafficking, manufacturing, or intent to distribute could be charged on a federal level. Typically, federal charges carry harsher punishments, longer jail times and bigger fines.

Get the Help of an Experienced Federal Crimes Attorney

Federal drug charges can negatively impact your life forever. Whether your drug crime is being charged on a state or federal level, you need to take immediate action to protect your rights. It’s essential to obtain the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to fight in both state and federal courts.


Foley Griffin has over 75 years of collective experience providing aggressive representation for those facing severe charges. We will fight for your rights and work aggressively to get you the best possible outcome.


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