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Is it Possible to Avoid a Conviction in Federal Court?

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Federal criminal charges are always very serious legal matters for those who are accused, and prosecutors at the federal level are also very serious about making them stick. When criminal activity is happening completely within state boundaries, the state courts typically handle all of the prosecutions.

But, when criminal activity is organized across state lines, it becomes a federal legal issue that can involve multiple law enforcement agencies and become a very complicated legal issue. States will usually defer to federal authorities when this is happening, which means penalties could be much harsher than at the state level because the federal sentencing guidelines are different regarding time served and parole or probation.

Defending against the case can be a difficult legal task, but it can be accomplished effectively with an experienced federal crimes defense attorney who knows how to craft a solid argument for maximum reasonable doubt.

Winning an Acquittal

The most desired outcome of defending a criminal charge is a full acquittal when a case goes to court and a full trial is conducted. The standard for a criminal conviction is beyond a reasonable doubt, and a seasoned federal crimes defense attorney will focus their representation on evaluating evidence and requesting dismissal of as many articles as possible.

Even federal charges can be filed based on weak or borderline evidence, and in some instances, your attorney may be successful in having evidence removed from the consideration that could result in an acquittal.

Negotiating a Deferred Judgement

Another possibility in avoiding a conviction on a federal criminal charge is negotiating a deferred judgment that will result in the case being terminated at the end of a designated period time based on good behavior. This alternative outcome is typically not available in crimes involving violence but can be available in white collar crime situations or certain drug cases.

Public Defenders and Conviction Avoidance

All federal criminal defendants are required to have "adequate" legal representation when being prosecuted. The question then becomes what is adequate. Public defenders can represent the client, but an acquittal or a possible deferred prosecution is rarely the outcome when a public advocate handles a federal criminal case because their priorities can be compromised by regular employment. Having a private federal crimes defense attorney is always best when seeking to avoid criminal prosecution, especially when the law firm has a solid reputation and track record of results for their clients.

Although the federal government will usually have a relatively strong case when filing criminal charges, that does not mean they always have the final say in the outcome. Federal defendants have specific criminal defense rights, and an effective and aggressive criminal defense attorney like the legal professionals at Foley Griffin LLP can be an investment in your future as well as your freedom when they use the full extent of the law in your defense.

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