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Local, State, and Federal Crime: When Does the FBI Take Over?

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Drug crimes, fraud, and bank robbery are all examples of crimes that break laws on multiple different levels - local, state, and federal. If you’re charged with a crime like this, you may be left with many questions, including who exactly will be investigating your crime and how to go about ensuring your rights are properly defended.

Investigating Your Charge

In some instances, a crime can break local, state, and federal laws. In situations like these, law enforcement officers from all levels will typically band together and join efforts to achieve a common goal: convict the individual being accused of the crime at hand.


It’s important to note that local and state law enforcement agencies are not subordinate to federal law enforcement agencies. Therefore, the FBI typically cannot “take over” an investigation that local or state law enforcement agencies are already investigating.


In addition, those charged with a crime on multiple levels of jurisdiction have double jeopardy protection. What this means is that those who commit a crime on local, state, and federal levels cannot be charged for the same crime in each of these courts.

How a Former Prosecutor Can Assist You

When it comes to a crime that breaks multiple laws all the way up to a federal level, you want a legal advocate on your side with experience defending individuals in federal court. That’s where Foley Griffin comes in.


Our criminal defense attorneys come backed with years of experience working at former prosecutors. What this means is that they know the other side’s moves and will be better equipped to provide you with an effective defense in court.


Turn to Foley Griffin for aggressive legal defense in your corner. Contact our firm at (888) 966-8480 to discuss what your options are with one of our Nassau County criminal defense attorneys.

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