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Can I Get a Government Job With a Criminal Record?

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Statistics show that about one in three adults in the U.S. has a criminal record. Many of these individuals come out after serving their sentence with a new perspective on life and the hopes of moving forward and integrating back into society.


One of the biggest hurdles many of these people face is finding a job. Some jobs are easier to obtain with a criminal record. Others, like government jobs, may be more difficult.


Having a criminal record does not automatically preclude someone from obtaining a government job, however, whether you can get a government job with a criminal record will likely depend on what kind of job you are applying to and what kind of criminal record you have.


An employer may still run a background check and consider relevant factors, such as:

  • The duties of the position you applied for

  • The nature of the crime on your record

  • How long ago the arrest took place

  • Whether it was an isolated crime or a repeated behavior

  • Any evidence of rehabilitation


Certain violent offenses may automatically disqualify an individual from certain employment opportunities. For example, those with domestic violence convictions are not allowed to be employed in any federal position that involves interaction with firearms.

Record Sealing Options

In New York, some individuals with a criminal record are eligible for something called record sealing. This is a term that means someone’s criminal past is basically invisible to the public. This prevents future employers from being able to see a past criminal charge on a standard background check.


An experienced criminal defense attorney can help individuals pursue expungement in New York if the following apply:

  • It was a non-criminal “violation” offense (loitering, trespassing, etc.)

  • It was a possession charge of less than 7/8 of an ounce of marijuana, three years after the conviction

  • You completed a court-mandated alcohol or drug program, you completed any other sentence imposed following the completion of treatment, AND you have no other pending charges (all of these three circumstances must apply)


We understand that people make mistakes. Our legal team has seen just how impactful a criminal record is on those who are attempting to better their lives after serving their sentences.


If you’ve been arrested or charged with any crime, your best bet at ensuring your future is protected is immediately seeking the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. From the start, your attorney will look at the evidence of your case and decide what course of action to take in order to ensure you have the best possible overall outcome.


Turn to the aggressive, experienced legal team at Foley Griffin for help protecting your rights and your future. Contact our firm at (888) 966-8480 to discuss what your options are moving forward.

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