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Can Forensic Evidence Always Be Trusted?

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“I think unfortunately too many attorneys take for granted forensic evidence. They don’t question it. They don’t put on their own experts. Assuming the evidence of the government is satisfactory is a tremendous mistake that should never be made. Here in Nassau County, we brought the first case to essentially attack the credibility of the Nassau county crime labs. The case was instrumental in exposing the extent of the wide spread problems of the crime lab that have occurred over a long period of time. Ultimately I think it was instrumental in the closing of the crime lab.

What we found and what the case exposed was that there were problems at that lab that were deep-rooted and going on for a long time. This affected so many criminal cases. We’re talking about drug testing, blood alcohol testing, ballistic testing, handwriting testing. Everything that that crime lab did and has done is now up for question.

A couple of things have come of that. I think number one: it’s allowed us to question many of the prior convictions of clients that have come to this firm now who maybe were represented by other people and saying, ‘Could we look at my case and tell me if I can reopen the case?’ We’ve been able to do that for people. Number two: it allows us to ensure that we have a basis of knowledge for questioning any evidence that’s come out of that crime lab on pending cases and any evidence that might come out of a future crime lab on cases that are coming through.”

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