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Defending Military Veterans

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The attorneys at Foley Griffin have been representing people accused of criminal activity for over twenty years. During these two decades we have recognized “trends” in the types of crimes that are being committed and by whom. Unfortunately, as of late, we have seen an increase in military veterans, men and women who have served our country in the armed forces, arrested for a litany of different allegations ranging from drug arrests to drunk driving to assault and even homicide.

Obviously, military veterans, especially those that served in combat zones, have had experiences that only someone who has been there can understand. Often, these experiences lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and a litany of other mental and psychological issues that shape a veteran’s ability to make proper decisions. To the detriment of the veteran and often their loved ones, most of these afflictions go undiagnosed or unnoticed until it is too late.

We at Foley Griffin take great pride in defending those who defended this nation. Brian and Dan have represented many veterans charged with serious crimes and have been successful in their defense by presenting the Government and the Court with mitigating factors attributable to the client’s military experiences. For the past several years we have educated ourselves on conditions like PTSD and traumatic brain injury and we have built a network of professionals (most of them military veterans themselves) that are familiar with every aspect of the returning soldier and the obstacles they face.

As more and more veterans return from war with significant issues that can play a role in a veteran committing a crime, the lawyers that represent them must: first, understand these issues and; second, have the ability to properly and effectively present them to the Government and the Court. While Courts are finally starting to recognize this phenomenon and steps are being taken to treat these cases in different ways; advocacy by a lawyer that understands these conditions and how they play a role in a veteran’s decision making process will make all the difference in getting the right result for a member of our armed services. Again, we at Foley Griffin take great pride in doing just that.

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