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Can Motorcyclists Get Speeding Tickets?

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Can Motorcyclists Get Speeding Tickets?

Yes. Motorcyclists must follow all the same laws as other motorists, including obeying the speed limit. If you drive too fast on a motorcycle, you can – and likely will – get a speeding ticket. This kind of ticket may also affect your motorcycle license and your regular driving privileges, and it could raise your insurance, too.

Depending on how fast you were going at the time of your citation, you could also be subject to reckless driving penalties, which may include up to 30 days in jail, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, and 5 points to your driver’s license.

Unfortunately, getting a speeding ticket on a motorcycle is the same as getting a speeding ticket in any other vehicle. Fortunately, this means you can fight the ticket, as well.

Fighting Your Motorcycle Speeding Ticket

Due to the possible penalties, you should always explore fighting your motorcycle speeding ticket. You may have physical proof that you weren’t speeding on your dashcam, GPS, or smartphone, or the speed equipment in question could be faulty.

For example, speed cameras sometimes have difficulties clocking an exact speed for motorcyclists, or an officer may have used a radar gun with out-of-date maintenance.

You also could have been pulled over while completing a motorcycle-specific safety maneuver that required additional speed or been unaware of the speed limit due to an obstructed speed limit sign.

Discuss your case with an attorney to see if any of these defenses are possible in your specific situation. Remember, you cannot get a speeding ticket until the prosecutor proves you were speeding, so if you have any kind of defense, it’s worth challenging the ticket in court. Sometimes, the officer won’t show up at the hearing, and other times, officers have a hazy memory of what happened.

If you want to fight your ticket, plead “not guilty,” schedule a Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) hearing, and think about contacting a lawyer.

Unless the officer can prove you were speeding beyond a reasonable doubt, you may not be subject to all the consequences of a speeding ticket. The ticket could be dismissed entirely, or you may be able to negotiate which penalties apply to your situation.

Whatever you do, do not show up to court unprepared. You may want to hire an attorney to protect your rights and best interests. A lawyer can make the process easier and less intimidating, as well.

At Foley Griffin, we have experience fighting even the most serious traffic tickets.

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